Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate

Justin and Kate interviewed me about how, after 2 1/2 years in a wheelchair, I cured my arthritis naturally:

Barbara Allan

We spoke about leaky gut syndrome, fasting and the link between anger and inflammation. We discussed different kinds of arthritis and how their development is different.

We discussed various risk factors that can predispose people to arthritis and how history and childhood stress can shape how your body responds to threats.

Most importantly, we talked about what can be done to heal, despite all these risk factors, and what that healing journey looks like.

Interview today!!

On Mon Nov 11 (TODAY!) at 7 PM EST, 4 PM PST I will be interviewed about what it takes to conquer arthritis.  The host is Bonnie D. Graham aka RadioRed on the READ MY LIPS radio show.

To listen:


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 (310) 807-5219


I hope you get the chance to listen in!!!

Reactive Arthritis v. Reiter’s Syndrome

Hans Conrad Julius ReiterReactive Arthritis. What should this disease be called? Does a physician convicted of war crimes against people under his care deserve to be honored by calling a disease after him?

The question of what to call this syndrome stems from the fact Hans Conrad Julius Reiter (February 26, 1881 – November 25, 1969), who was a German physician, described the syndrome in 1916. Reiter was not the first person to describe this condition but he was an energetic and long lived self-promoter, and the name Reiter’s Syndrome eventually caught on.

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