Arthritis Success Stories

Thank you very much for helping me overcome my arthritis. It really is one of the greatest gifts! I am back to normal since November.

Ferdinand Wong,
Hong Kong

I signed up for your 6-month coaching in January this year. A year into my elimination diet and meditation regime, I've gone from 7-8/10 daily pain to 1-2/10 daily pain. Those meditations have been profound for me and helped me gently release very old deeply buried pain. Yesterday, I even accidentally ate cheese at a Christmas party, and wow... no increase in pain or headaches today...!! I'm so grateful for your guidance and encouragement on this incredible healing journey.

Susan Handran Smith,
Mullumbimby, Australia

In Sept 2011 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. In two months I had gone from a very active, physical athlete to walking with a significant limp. All sports activities came to a halt. I also have four children (under 9) that I was having trouble keeping up with. I was reluctant to get up and walk to the kitchen due to the pain I felt in my ankles and feet.

After scouring the internet, I ran across Barbara's story. I called her and we talked about a program for healing. To my surprise she suggested I go on medication temporarily to prevent long term damage. I try and avoid aspirin much less the toxic medications that are prescribed for arthritis. But the fact that she was not attached to any one approach of healing convinced me that she knew exactly what she was doing. Others I had spoken to were exclusively holistic but my symptoms seemed far beyond a holistic cure at this point.

I told Barbara I would do exactly what she told me and stick to any diet she advised. I took the ALCAT test and we created a 6 month diet that would have me avoiding foods I was sensitive to.

I started Humira injections about the same time as the diet with the plan to wean my self off the medication as the diet healed me.

After 6 weeks the pain was almost entirely gone and I was as active as I had ever been. I was off the medication in roughly 4 months and sticking to the ALCAT diet. After 6 months I had no pain at all and worked my way into a mostly vegan diet with an emphasis on raw foods consisting mostly of vegetables and fruits.

It is now 180 days since I have had a Humira shot and I am 95% pain free. I am due for another ALCAT test as I believe I have developed some food sensitivities recently that are causing some minor twinges but I am fully active and in very good shape.

My Dr. refuses to give the diet any credit but at the same time is impressed with my recovery and his diagnosis that I would be on medication until the day I die.

Without Barbara I would most likely had been relegated to the toxic, expensive medications that were offered. She was very patient and was the lone voice of hope in the early dark days of my diagnosis.

I strongly urge anyone who is struggling with this disease to seek her help.

I am available via email for questions if you have any. Please ask Barbara for my contact info.

Glenn Dickerson
Houston, Texas

After 6 weeks the pain was almost entirely gone and I was as active as I had ever been. I was off the medication in roughly 4 months and sticking to the ALCAT diet. After 6 months I had no pain at all and worked my way into a mostly vegan diet with an emphasis on raw foods consisting mostly of vegetables and fruits.

It is now 180 days since I have had a Humira shot and I am 95% pain free.

Glenn Dickerson
Houston, Texas

"At the time I alternated between crutches and a wheelchair and spent most of my days trapped in bed icing my knees, ankles, and hands as I suffered inflammatory attacks throughout the day...With a tailored diet from ALCAT results and Humira I'm now able to function normally again, only four months after my initial, severe onset of arthritis."

Matt Hangen

"Barbara is a great resource and genuine person in her interactions. She looks at the entire person and environment to determine strategies to improve health."


"I got on the internet and found your book and I have been working on my situation for about a year now. I started with fasting and eliminating suspect foods. I then isolated foods that triggered a food intolerance reaction. I started having positive results from the first week and have increasingly gotten much better."


"I like the careful explanations and visuals that help me get a good idea about each and every aspect of arthritis and how to cure it. It is very carefully thought out and put together so that I can take bites out of all there is to know and learn about getting well. The course is working so far to help me soak in information in baby steps. It seems to keep me motivated to get well and helps me clarify what it is I am up against and what I need to do to get well. Overall, the course is taking me where I wanted to go, to health!"

Alecia Fred

"Chronic pain, by its nature, becomes something we too often learn to adapt to and live with, something we begin to define as normal. After a bad bout with my arthritis, it is always amazing to me to rediscover the freedom of being pain free and the joy of moving my body with flexibility and grace. Allan's book provides the knowledge, approach, and vision to turn the tide so that such moments come ever more strongly into being. She takes the chronic out of pain, reminding us that it is the nature of life to change and it is the nature of humans to rise to the challenge."

Diana Kardia
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I've had RA for many, many years. I also tried every so called cure, and believed I ate healthily. But it was only when I read Barbara's book and understood that food sensitivities could play a roll that I hit the jackpot. This coming September will be 2 years that I am totally free of any medication and the pain is almost non-existent, in fact far less than when I was on medication."

South Africa

“The minute I saw the cover of your book with you holding a mountain bike over your head, I was so happy that maybe I found a source to help me cure my disease and I did. That was one year ago.”

Marina Del Rey, California

“The information you provide is much needed and very hard to get. My arthritis and all the other major symptoms are gone with a careful diet now!”

Mandy Collins

"I met Barbara when she came to our lab as a graduate student to work on her PhD. I saw all the misery she went through when she was hit so hard with the pain of arthritis. I didn't know what to tell her when her doctor told her that her pain was all in her head and that she needed to get over it. I saw her getting so bad that she had to use a wheelchair. And then I saw her start to get better and better. I was totally amazed the day I saw her running in Tower Grove Park."

Carolyn Craig
Research Technician in Sally Elgin's lab at Washington University in St. Louis

"This book is the best book I have ever read about arthritis. I know the author and I knew her before she was cured and after so I know what an amazing change she was able to make in her life. I have mild arthritis and have found her advice more helpful than anything a doctor ever told me."

Charlotte Ellis
Retired Librarian
St. Louis, Missouri

"I will always be eternally grateful for Barbara Allan writing her book. The number one reason is the advice on detoxing. Just before my 50th birthday I was experiencing foot and hip pain. I did a 7-day detox and all my pains were GONE and as an added plus I stopped smoking! YEEEEEA!"

Di Reagan
Scottsdale, Arizona

"I cannot express what a blessing this book is in our lives. My husband's arthritis began at only 22 years of age and it was progressing fast. He has been off ALL medication for almost 6 months now and we are on our way to complete recovery. His right hand is totally normal now. The info here WORKS!”

Atascadero, California

"I suffer from both RA and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I found out through this program that I cannot eat wheat, milk or dairy products, eggs, sugar or coffee. When I'm good at sticking to it, I'm almost in complete remission. This is a really great program and it works if you have the discipline and self motivation to go through it and stick it out."

S Kahler

"A month ago, overnight I developed a severe arthritic reaction/condition. Within 2 weeks I had discovered, ordered and received your book. I read it immediately and implemented as many 'secrets' as I was able to. In the last 2 weeks I have gone from being completely unable to walk, to walking pain free, symptom free!"

Kerry Harrison


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