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  17 Secrets for Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis DVD ($97 value, you pay only shipping) 


  Bonus #1 Two Weeks of my 28 Week Arthritis Secrets Coaching Course for Only $1 (After that $97/month)

You can cancel your membership in this course at any time by calling (602-237-5294) or by emailing us, but once you experience what a difference the coaching makes, I'm sure you will wish you could sign up for even more. 

This type of support is the quickest and easiest way to get well.

The cost of this course ($583 over 6.5 months) is much less than the alternative of staying sick or even the time and effort and monetary investment of eventually getting well but without proper guidance! 

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Weekly Conquering Arthritis Newsletter—Additional tips and tricks for successfully treating arthritis.

  Bonus #3  Free Conquering Arthritis Drug Guide ($97 value)

A free copy of the Conquering Arthritis Drug Guide which explains:

Which 2 of the 4 classes of arthritis drugs, when used as recommended on the label, can make arthritis worse.

Why conventional arthritis drugs seldom result in healing

How to use arthritis drugs to help (not hinder) your healing

The two best reasons for using arthritis drugs

Yes, send me my 17 Secrets for Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis DVD plus three Bonuses, right now!

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