Videos for Weeks 1-3

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Welcome, , to Week One through Three of the Conquering Rheumatoid Arthritis Course: the 17 Secrets Method!

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Week 1: Introduction and Healing Mindset

arthritis treatment video iconQuickstart Video Day 1: Beginning with the End in Mind

arthritis treatment video icon[Day 2 content coming soon.]: Format for Arthritis Secrets Coaching Course


arthritis treatment video icon[Day 3 content coming soon.] Mindset (How to Get the Most out of the Course)

arthritis treatment video icon[Day 4 content coming soon.] Top 3 Obstacles When Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

arthritis treatment video icon[Day 5 content coming soon.] Using Mind, Body, and Spirit for Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

arthritis treatment video icon[Day 6 content coming soon.] Breaking Through Barriers

arthritis treatment video icon[Day 7 content coming soon.] Non Dominant Hand Exercise for Resolving Emotional Barriers

Week 2-3: The Underlying Causes of Arthritis


arthritis treatment video icon[Week 2 content coming soon.]: What is Going to Happen to Me? Arthritis Risk Factors: What to do About Them


arthritis treatment video icon[Week 3 content coming soon.]The Number One Most Important Underlying Cause of Arthritis that Must Be Treated if You Want to Get Well (Food and Chemical Sensitivities)

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